Trying to drive the business with 150 different packages just doesn’t work in today’s environment.

There should be some marketing consistency throughout the tobacco category so store associates know what they’re selling. The problem is there are so many price points out there today. At one time, every pack of cigarettes cost the same. Then generics came on the market, but they all retailed the same. Now there is no such thing as tier 1, 2 and 3 cigarettes that all have the same cost. It’s difficult for anyone to know the price of cigarettes today.


Therefore, a basic practice of good tobacco merchandising is keeping SKUs low.  Of course, if you have a customer that wants Brand X, get Brand X for them. However, due to the limited space in the typical convenience store, many locations don’t have room to showcase tobacco fixtures from every brand. That problem is growing with the popularity of electronic cigarettes and vapor products. The toughest part of the electronic cigarette is deciding on which ones to carry. If you carried every e-cigarette and vape that has been presented you wouldn’t have room for anything else in the store! When it comes to e-cigs and vapes a store only has room for the top sellers. Can a store handle 10 varieties of electronic cigarettes? Probably not. That’s too much to ask of a retailer. I suspect the answer is closer to three or four.


custom_metal_frame_tobacco_fixtures-274In order to effectively market these products retailers must have tobacco fixtures and display merchandising that accommodate all of these offerings.  In this ever changing retail category flexibility is key.  Tobacco fixtures are not inexpensive so a retailer must look to get the most “bang for their buck”. has the largest selection of tobacco fixtures and cigarette displays available, including Overhead Racks and Under Counter Cigarette Pushers.  We also offer incredibly flexible systems that allows merchandising of all tobacco categories, including e-cigarettes and vapes, within a single fixture.  Visit to view all product offerings or call us to discuss tobacco merchandising solutions for your store.  We are waiting to serve you!

Jim Richards

Jim Richards is President of TheCstoreEstore, the leading online distributor of point of sale cigarette racks, tobacco fixtures and cigarette display cabinets and the exclusive manufacturer of M-Series Overhead Cigarette Racks.

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