Proper merchandising of tobacco fixtures involves stocking and showcasing the top brands and other tobaccoo products that customers want.

When merchandising a POS display, C-store operators must consider the entire tobacco set, not just cigarettes, when allocating shelf space. There are other categories in tobacco that are growing faster than cigarettes, such as smokeless, cigars, vapors or electronic cigarettes. Retailers can and should allocate a little more display space to those faster-growing categories.



In order to keep customers coming back, no category of tobacco can be neglected. You must have electronic cigarettes, vape, snuff, cigars and filtered cigars. It’s a broader spectrum now. Retailers must make sure they carry the right products in each tobacco segment. They must make sure they are into alternative tobacco products, such as snus and e-cigarettes because due to prevention campaigns, anti-smoking laws and higher taxation customers are smoking traditional cigarettes less, but they’re still using tobacco.



In order to effectively market these products retailers must have tobacco fixtures and display merchandising that accommodates all of these offerings.  The buying habits of tobacco customers have changed over the past few years, and it’s the convenience store industry that must adjust to those changes.  A lot of the cigar business has gone to the single and two–pack packages where a few years ago it was the five-pack that was in demand. Where a person used to buy two packs of cigarettes, now they’re buying one pack of traditional cigarettes, plus an electronic cigarette. Consumers like options, so we need to have them.



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