There is nothing that determines your tobacco sales more than an effective or ineffective POS display.

Take a step back and look at your point of sale tobacco merchandising from a customer’s perspective.  Are your cigarette displays and tobacco fixtures a mish-mosh of unmatched vendor provided units?  Is there disorder? Inconsistency?  Is it unattractive?  Perhaps the reason your tobacco sales are not where you wish is because your point of sale fixtures and merchandising are not accomplishing the five steps of selling.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade and improve your point of sale displays to BOOST tobacco sales.

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Point of Sale (“POS”) or point of purchase (“POP”) merchandising displays and signage are clearly an effective medium of advertising if done properly. Cigarette displays and tobacco fixtures should accomplish the five steps of selling:

  1. Attract attention
  2. Arouse interest
  3. Create desire
  4. Build confidence
  5. Direct action.

The purposes of POS merchandising are multiple. On one level, POS materials are designed to attract attention and to enhance brand images. On another level, they are used to convey the “presence” of the brand to consumers, to create the perceived popularity of brands, and hence of smoking. These serve the ultimate strategic goals of differentiating brands from one another so as to minimize competitive substitution and the associated price competition that squeezes profitability. The purpose of POS promotion, like other advertising, is to SELL, not just to convey material information. Therefore, the functional purposes of POS materials are:

  1. To draw the attention of the consumer.
  2. To inform the consumer of the presence of a brand.
  3. To promote recognition of a brand.
  4. To generate interest and excitement about the brand
  5. To stimulate trial purchase and re‐purchase.

When these purposes are accomplished inventory moves, tobacco sales go up and profits are realized.

Isn’t that what YOU want?


HELPING RETAILERS SUCCEED has the largest selection of POS Cigarette Displays and Tobacco Fixtures including attractive wall units with ultimate flexibility, clear signage for bold brand graphics and most importantly optimum product placement.  Our POS displays accommodate cigarette packs, cartons, snuff, snus, cigars, e-cigs, vape and all other tobacco products and accessories.  Consider us a partner, alongside the cigarette companies, helping you to meet your sales goals for your tobacco related products.

Visit to view a full range of tobacco fixtures and cigarette displays.  With the exception of custom units, all pricing is disclosed on our website and online ordering is very simple.  Call us and we’ll provide you with immediate pricing for all custom units.

*NOTE: If you reside in a country that has a Tobacco Display Ban please call us to discuss how we can help with our Tobacco Display Ban Cabinets. Call at 866.630.2100 or 941.914.5358.
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