Tobacco products must be positioned in such a way as to generate a strong impulse to buy.  This is key in boosting tobacco sales.

A special in‐store promotion will be most effective if it is positioned within a tobacco fixture so that it can be seen by the customer before he actually reaches it. By adjusting shelf heights and by the use shelf‐talkers, arrows, etc., it is possible to make facings stand out to give additional impact. Directional arrows, day‐glow material, flashes, stars and similar eye‐catching methods can be used to attract the attention of specific key brands or temporary offers.  With these and other aids, the trained merchandiser can bring an additional attraction quickly and cheaply to a key product.  Pictures and slogans should be kept to a minimum and be placed near the product but designed to be clearly visible at a distance from which the customers will normally view it.



Try to achieve what’s called “Intrusive visibility”, the optimum placement of products and promotional offers that will make the greatest visual impact to customers and impulse shoppers.

“Eye Level is Buy Level” because items placed at eye level are more likely to be purchased that those on higher or lower shelves. Place posters in line with the main customer flow into the shop. Look for uncluttered locations to gain maximum visual impact for the poster. Place posters at eye level. Position posters in main traffic flow from point of entry to point of purchase or place in an uncluttered position near point of purchase or place material above eye level if it can be seen at a distance.



One of the keys in achieving “Intrusive Visibility” is an attractive and flexible tobacco fixture with enough flexibility to achieve maximum customer impact. Sloppy, disorganized tobacco fixtures will not achieve that goal.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade your tobacco merchandising system. has the largest selection of cigarette displays and tobacco fixtures in many different styles and sizes to help you achieve your tobacco sales goals.  Our fixtures are attractive, flexible, secure, easily accessible to employees and and have the means to accommodate graphics, signage, advertising, pricing, etc to enable you to achieve “Intrusive Visibility” and generate a strong impulse buy.

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Jim Richards

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