Attention, tobacco retailers! Are you tired of the clutter and disorganization on your shelves? Do you find it challenging to showcase your tobacco products effectively? We have great news for you! Today, we’re introducing the Universal Tobacco Pusher Kit, a game-changing solution that will revolutionize the way you display your tobacco products. This informative blog will delve into the features and benefits of this kit,

Say Goodbye to Disarray

As a tobacco retailer, you know how important it is to present your products in an organized and appealing manner. The Universal Tobacco Pusher Kit is designed to help you achieve just that! This kit allows you to transform any flat surface into an efficient and stylish tobacco display area. It eliminates the need for messy and space-consuming traditional tobacco pushers and provides a seamless solution for your shelving needs.

Universal Pusher Kit Components

Introducing the Universal Pusher Kit, offering you a choice of three sizes to suit your needs

Option 1: Includes one 22 1/2″ long front rail and one 22 1/2″ long rear rail.

Option 2: Comes with one 33 7/8″ long front rail and one 33 7/8″ long rear rail.

Option 3: Contains one 45 1/2″ long front rail and one 45 1/2″ long rear rail.

The front and rear rails in all options feature a convenient pricing channel, allowing seamless display of product information alongside your tobacco offerings. Furthermore, these rails can be easily trimmed to fit your specific shelf size, providing customizable solutions tailored to your store’s requirements.

Single OTP Pushers and Dividers: With nine single OTP (Over-The-Pack) pushers and ten dividers, you can neatly arrange your tobacco products on the rails. These pushers and dividers ensure that your products are consistently spaced and easily accessible to your customers.

Fully Adjustable and Easy to Install: The Universal Tobacco Pusher Kit is designed to accommodate all types of tobacco products, whether they are cigarettes, cigars, or smokeless tobacco. The pushers and dividers can be effortlessly installed onto the rails, making setup a breeze.

Secure Self-Adhesive Tape: Worried about the stability of the kit? Don’t be! The Universal Pusher Kit comes with self-adhesive tape that securely attaches the rails to any flat surface. This adhesive ensures a strong and reliable hold for your tobacco display, giving you peace of mind.

Important Considerations

Before purchasing the Universal Tobacco Pusher Kit, it’s essential to note a few crucial details.

  • Minimum Shelf Depth: To ensure a proper fit, your shelf should have a minimum depth of 11-3/4″
  • Shipping Information: The kit is shipped via FedEx Ground with FREE SHIPPING, making it a cost-effective option for retailers. Please refer to the shipping disclosure for specific terms and conditions.

In conclusion, the Universal Tobacco Pusher Kit is the ultimate solution for tobacco retailers who want to enhance their product displays and optimize shelf space. With its fully adjustable components, easy installation, and cost-effective shipping,

Don’t let disorganized shelves deter your customers from exploring your tobacco offerings. Upgrade to the Universal Tobacco Pusher Kit and transform your retail space into a streamlined and visually appealing tobacco paradise.

For more information and to order your Universal Tobacco Pusher Kit today, visit Elevate your tobacco retail experience and watch your sales soar!

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