Ready to revolutionize your tobacco display and create an engaging shopping experience for your customers? Our adjustable tobacco pusher kits are the answer to your merchandising needs. In this blog, we’ll showcase the selling points, benefits, and how these pusher kits provide simple solutions to common pain points faced by retailers.

Selling Points

1. Tailored to Your Shelves: Our tobacco pusher kits come in three different widths – 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft – ensuring a perfect fit for your existing shelves. The single tobacco pushers and dividers can be fully adjusted in width, accommodating all types of tobacco, E-cigarette, and vape products.

2. No-Fuss Installation: Say goodbye to complicated installations. Our pusher kits feature self-adhesive tape on the front and rear retaining strips, making setup a breeze. Just peel and stick to any flat surface, and your tobacco display is ready to impress.

3. Showcase Pricing and Promotions: The front strip includes a convenient ticket rail, allowing you to display pricing and promotional materials effectively. Keep your customers informed and engaged while showcasing the value of your tobacco products.

Benefits and Solutions to Pain Points

1. Seamless Integration: Upgrade your existing shelves effortlessly with our adjustable tobacco pusher kits. Enhance the aesthetics of your cigarette display while providing a clean and organized shopping experience for your customers.

2. Adapt to Inventory Changes: As your tobacco inventory changes, our pusher kits can adapt accordingly. The adjustable pushers and dividers ensure that your products are displayed neatly and efficiently, helping you stay on top of your inventory management game.

3. Free Shipping for Added Value: Enjoy the added value of free FedEx Ground shipping within the 48 contiguous States. No need to worry about shipping costs, allowing you to invest more in enhancing your store’s overall tobacco merchandising strategy.


Upgrade your tobacco display with our adjustable pusher kits and experience the benefits of seamless customization, effortless installation, and organized merchandising. Whether you need a cigarette display or a vape showcase, our tobacco pusher kits are here to elevate your retail space and delight your customers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your tobacco shelves and boost your sales!

We, at TheCstoreEstore.com, are here to assist retailers by providing the largest selection of point of sale tobacco fixtures and cigarette displays, and offering retailers the fixtures and point of sale products that they need to keep cigarette, tobacco and smokeless sales a viable and profitable category.

Visit our website to view a full range of tobacco fixtures and cigarette displays. With the exception of custom units, all pricing is disclosed on our website and online ordering is very simple. Call us and we’ll provide you with immediate pricing for all custom units.


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Jim Richards

Jim Richards is President of TheCstoreEstore, the leading online distributor of point of sale cigarette racks, tobacco fixtures and cigarette display cabinets and the exclusive manufacturer of M-Series Overhead Cigarette Racks.