Tobacco retailers must adapt to ever changing trends when creating a strategic merchandising strategy to maximize profits in the tobacco category.

An example of such changing trends is found in the rise of fourth-tier sales in the midst of a U.S. recession. In 2008 and 2009 discount, “price-value” and fourth-tier tobacco brands benefited from the double whammy of an economic malaise and a stiff federal-excise-tax increase on cigarettes and tobacco, pushing consumers toward value and away from premium brands. According to USDA shipment and MSAI data by fourth-tier manufacturer King Maker Marketing Inc., savings brands’ share of shipments grew 3% across all channels between fourth-quarter 2008 and 2009.

The sentiment of the time was “Once the consumer moves to “price-value” and purchases a brand that is of a quality that is adequate for them, they won’t go back, even when economic times change. Based on this tobacco retailers were encouraged to push fourth-tier tobacco products and to opt out of contracts that would have them push premium brands over the lower priced fourth-tier brands. However, since then small and medium-sized manufacturers have stiffer competition from the majors, whose heavy promotion of value brands is blurring the lines between the traditional price tiers.

In a tobacco category trend report* released March 7, 2013, by David Bishop, managing partner of Balvor LLC, a sales and marketing firm that provides consulting, sales support, research, and analytic services to retailers, Bishop reports that although unemployment rates are consistent to rates in 2008-2009, fourth-tier cigarette brands have seen an 11.6% drop in unit sales and a 9.4% decrease in dollar sales. Comparatively, branded discounts, although they have experienced a 1.6% decrease in unit sales have seen a 5.1% increase in dollar sales apparently due to an increase in margins. Premiums have also seen a small percentage of growth in dollar sales at 1.6%.

Premium and branded discounts cigarettes still dominate dollar sales at over 90% of revenue streaming from these two product categories. Fourth-tier products only make up 6.7% of current dollar sales.

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*Visit Trends & Insights.pdf to view the full trend report.

Jim Richards

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